Social Activities

We are committed to Co-operative principles to ensure the whole scale improvement of our little pocket of Possilpark - not just our houses. Over the past 30 years we have developed and delivered many wider social activities such as: play areas, environmental improvements, offered money advice service, apprenticeships for school leavers, training for work for DWP, Job & Business Glasgow placements and energy efficiency measures. Many of these initiatives have been developed with key partners such as Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government. 

The welfare rights and money advice service shows the benefit of wider activities to the community that the Co-operative serves.

Do you want to help your community?

Hawthorn Housing Co-operative is a founding member of the Positive Possilpark Partnership. Young People's Futures, Stepping Stones for Families, Barbardo's and Possobilities are other members of the Partnership.

The Partnership has agreed a strategy for "Making Possilpark the best place for people to prosper".  The main project for the Partnership at the moment is for a first class community centre for the area.  The Partnership believes it is essential that local people have effective control of the Partnership, the direction it is taking and the work it is doing.  We are really keen to ensure that people from the Hawthorn area are fully involved.

Please contact Colin Turnbull on 0141 336 2138 if you would like more information on this.

The Co-operative is keen to ensure that the community spirit and the self-help ethos within the area flourishes and we have worked with a number of key partners on a range of projects to bring neighbours of different age groups and backgrounds together. 

The regeneration of our community will remain a priority for the foreseeable future and we will continue to work with key partners, some of their logos are shown below.