What We Do

The Co-operative exists to "lead the creation of a community with excellent homes where people are proud to live".  We aim to provide good quality affordable rented housing for future generations and to ensure the Co-operative remains a strong, stable and independent registered social landlord.

Our strategic aims are:

  • Ensuring our members have the best possible quality of life
  • Keeping the Co-operative safe and secure
  • Getting the most from our resources

The Co-operative manages the housing stock it owns with staff working to the strategy and policy set by our Management Committee, which is made up mainly from local residents.  The Management Committee lead the organisation by setting and controlling the direction of its affairs whilst ensuring we comply with relevant legislation and regulatory standards set by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The key focus of the Co-operative is to continue to be a caring, locally controlled community based landlord providing responsive, efficient and effective services.  Our continued success will be built upon our commitment to involving our membership in shaping services and the future to deliver our vision of delivering quality housing services, working in partnership with our members and others to create a secure, safe, attractive and sustainable community. 

The Co-operative’s core values include being fair, equitable, and treating every individual with courtesy and respect.