Urban Village

The aim of the Urban Village Project was to give everybody in Hawthorn the opportunity to play a part in improving the Byshot green space and the adjoining green spaces that run along the back of the houses on Fruin Street. We hoped to transform the areas into safe and sustainable spaces for the community to use and enjoy. Through doing this we hoped to build an even stronger sense of community in Hawthorn.  The project is a partnership between Hawthorn Housing Cooperative, the people of Hawthorn and the Children’s Inclusion Partnership (CHIP). It was funded by the Big Lottery Community Spaces fund.



Regular Group Meetings

The Events Planning Group had been well established before the start of the Urban Village Project and has provided an entertaining programme of succesful events including the Dog Show, Christmas events and play days.  

The Events Planning Group organises and delivers events aimed at involving the whole community in fun activities, whilst providing opportunities for people to have their say about how the transformation of Byshot and the other green spaces should take shape.

The Urban Village project has resulted in two high quality sheds and raised planters being installed in the area behind 2 Fruin Street.  A number of activities are going to be held at this site from the spring of 2017.  

Local people will be involved in the following projects:

  • Upcycling whisky barrels into attractive planters 
  • Play sessions for young people
  • Planting fruit trees and community growing in the raised planters

We also hope that the events planning group, which has been so succesful in organising events is succesful in obtaining funding to ensure more activities are organised for the community from the sheds.

Please let someone know at the office if you would like to get involved with this group to help ensure that our community benefits from a range of activities.