About Your Rent

Rent: is the Co-operative’s main source of income and pays for all of the essential services provided to our members.

Rents are set in accordance with the Co-operative's Rent Setting Policy and are reviewed annually. All registered social landlords are required by law to consult tenants about any proposed rent increase.

The Co-operative is committed to ensuring that rents charged are affordable to members and prospective members on low incomes, and also to generate enough income to deliver services and to meet future planned expenditure. 

The Co-operative’s average rent levels are amongst the lowest in Scotland.  If you would like to compare the Co-operative's rent please click here

It is believed that the Co-operative’s rents are the lowest in the entire Possilpark/Cowlairs area.  The Co-operative aims to manage resources to ensure that rents charges remain at least 10% lower than the Scottish average rents.

The Co-operative currently has no service charges to cover the cost of additional services such as stair cleaning and grass cutting, this means that the cost of all our services must be met from the rents or any additional grant funding that can be attracted to meet our aims and objectives.

The rent is due on 28th day of each month and should be paid one month in advance. (This means that you are paying your rent for the month ahead not the previous month).  

It is a condition of the tenancy agreement that rent is paid in full and on time.