Hawthorn's New Smartphone App

Published: Thursday, 14 January 2016
Co-op launches smartphone app.
The Co-op has released a smartphone app.  Tenants can use it to pay rent, report a repair and find out information about what is happening in the area.
The Co-op can use the app to remind tenants when rent is due to be paid and to quickly provide information.
Colin Turnbull, Director at Co-op says “Our community covers a very small area with everyone living within walking distance.  Most of our communication with our tenants and members is face to face in their homes or at the local office.  However we also recognise that social media is e very effective way of keeping in touch with some tenants and we think that the app is a cost-effective way of building on the success we have had using Facebook”.
Steven Murphy, Administrative Assistant with the Co-op played the leading role in developing the app.  He says “it is great to see this coming to fruition.  Tenants can come into the office and I will help them set up the app for them and I will be making sure that the information is up-to-date and interesting.  Given our ethos and history we have ensured that there is a real community focus in the app and that it provides a lot of information on things that benefit local people.”
The app is available to download on apple and android phones.