New Business Plan

Published: Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Hawthorn Housing Co-operative has produced this Business Plan to set out our mission and values, alongside our objectives, plans and resources for the future. The Plan takes account of the Scottish Housing Regulator’s 2015 Recommended Practice on business planning.


The intention of The Plan is to show what the Co-op is doing to achieve and maintain our vision of “Leading the creation of a community with excellent homes where we are proud to live”. It builds on our success in service improvement, investment delivery and regeneration. Our key achievements to date have included:


  • Investing in our members’ homes,
  • Building 48 high quality new homes,
  • Achieving the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS),
  • Working with partners to improve the quality of life of our members,
  • Obtaining grants to improve the facilities, services and events available for our members,
  • Arranging support and advice to assist our more vulnerable tenants,
  • Continuously improving our housing services, resulting in high levels of tenant satisfaction in our large-scale tenant surveys.


The Plan sets out our programme for change and improvement with priorities for the next three years. We will strive to:


  • Improve our members’ homes – installing new kitchens, bathrooms and replacement windows,
  • Let our houses more quickly,
  • Improve the way we manage arrears,
  • Ensure more of our members are digitally connected with affordable broadband,
  • Develop a high-quality recreational facility for all the community around Bardowie Street park,
  • Ensure the road network and bus service is improved and feels safer,
  • Develop a strategy for replacing our heating systems,
  • Implement a strategy to ensure our homes are as affordable as possible to keep warm and meet the targets set by Government,
  • Keep our rents affordable by not increasing it by more than Cpi,
  • Ensure we have the most appropriate IT systems in place,
  • Obtain grants to improve the quality of our members’ homes, opportunities and lifestyles.


A copy of the plan can be found here.