Allocation Policy Review - Tenant Consultation

Published: Monday, 08 April 2019

The Co-op is reviewing its allocations policy to ensure that it complies with the new Housing Act.  We met with a small group of tenants and an applicant to get their views on some of the big issues we need to cover in the policy.  Their views are shown on the attached note.

We would like to get the views of other tenants and applicants – so please let us know what you think of the views in the note.  Do you agree with them? Is there any you disagree with?  Please have a look and let us know.  You can phone the office, pop in or send an email – whatever is easiest for you.


Consultation on Allocations and Housing [Scotland] Act 2014.

The group recommended the following –


Points breakdown –

The current breakdown of points in the allocations policy was reasonable and required no change. Group were particularly keen to retain a small award of points for tenants who do not have a garden.


Incentives –

Any incentive to encourage a move to a smaller house would need to be very carefully handled. It would have to be very carefully designed so that it only freed up houses that we could demonstrate were in high demand [eg 4 and 5 apt front and back door houses rather than 5 apt maisonettes]. The incentive could be in the form of floorcoverings as the tenant would be leaving this in the house they were moving from.


Homeowners -

A bar should not be put on excluding all homeowners from being offered a house. Would depend on actual circumstances. Main concern was where an applicant is housed and then lets out the house that they own – though it was recognised that they may have [eg] a medical need for a move and they may be able to sell the house that they owned.


Existing tenants –

A strong view that we should look to meet the need of existing tenants where a house becomes available due to the high level of need and the limited number of houses that become available. It was also recognised that where initial let is to a transferring tenant that this results in a further let which means at least two families benefit. It was also recognised that in practice there is no need/demand from existing for many of the properties [eg 3apt upper flats] that become available to let.


Specialist housing –

All appreciated the difficulty dealing with the situation where the person who needs specialist accommodation is no longer part of the household. Group agreed that this should be treated sensitively. Most realistic way would be to

  • Try to identify another family that requires that type of house as there may not be a family on the waiting list. Co-op would therefore contact Glasgow Council for Inclusive Living or similar,
  • Once a family is identified who needs the property we would then try to identify a suitable, reasonable alternative for the people remaining in the house. It was recognised that this could take some time



Children staying part-time –

It was agreed that where children stayed with a parent part of the week then the applicant would be considered for a house with one bedroom more than s/he needed. This is irrespective of the number of children and would not be awarded points for this situation.


Allocations of 3 apts –

Agreed that couples and single people should be considered for 3 apt properties.


Mental health and harassment –

Group agreed that existing categories of points is acceptable but that Application form should be altered to enable a clearer assessment of how a move to a new house would address the mental health or harassment issue and what type of house would alleviate the issue.


People leaving the Forces –

Should not be awarded any additional points.   Existing policy enable points to be awarded to applicants in need. This should be applied to people leaving the forces with no additional points awarded.


Suspensions –

Group advised that we need to be flexible. Minimum suspension period should be 3 months and should be adjusted depending on severity of issues and evidence to demonstrate that the applicant has resolved/dealt with issues.