Housing Options

Applying for one of our homes

The Co-operative’s waiting list is open and anyone 16 years and over may apply and be assessed for housing at any time.  If you are successful in securing an offer of housing with the Co-operative you must buy a £1 share to become a member of the Co-operative, as all tenants are members and all members are tenants.

You can apply for rented accommodation with Hawthorn Housing Co-operative. Application forms and information booklets are available from the Downloads section of our website.

If you wish additional information or require assistance in completing a form please contact us by telephone on 0141 336 2138 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Alternatively, you can call into our office, where our staff will be happy to help.

Properties for rent

The Co-operative has a housing waiting list which is open to everyone aged 16 years and over. We let our properties in accordance with our Allocations Policy which is based on the applicant’s circumstances and needs. At 31 March 2016, we had 293 applicants on our waiting list.

Last year the Co-operative owned 316 rented properties. Our ability to re-house applicants on our waiting list relies on properties being vacated by existing tenants. The table below shows the number of properties let for the period April 2015 to March 2016 by apartment size:

Type2apt3apt4apt5apt   Total    
Totals 7 8 2 0 17


How many Properties will Hawthorn re-let in 2017/18?

In 2017/18 we estimate that 20 properties will become available for re-let and subject to demand these will be let as follows:

Housing Group% LetsEstimated Number of Re-letsHousing Lists  31.3.16
Transfer List 40 8 59
General Housing List 40 8 234
Section 5 Referrals 20 4 n/a
Totals 100 20 293

Applicants are offered housing in order of the highest housing need points for each property type and area, the only exception is where the property has been specially designed or adapted for someone with particular needs. 

Mutual Exchange

If you are looking to stay within the local area and would like to advertise for a mutual exchange, please let us know. 

Other Housing Options

The housing options open to you depends on your current circumstances. You may consider renting a home from another registered social landlord, renting from a private landlord, securing a mortgage to buy a property outright or to buy a shared ownership property. 

For further information on all of these housing options you may wish to look at the following websites:

Glasgow City Council - Housing Options

Shelter Scotland - Housing Options & Advice