Community Involvement

Community Control & Customer Feedback

Hawthorn Housing Co-operative is one of a handful of fully mutual housing Co-operative’s operating in Scotland today.  Hawthorn follows the simple but effective rule of one member one vote which ensures democratic community control and maximises scope for really effective local engagement.

The Co-operative is owned and controlled on an equal basis by our tenant members. The members all have a £1 share in the business.   All of our tenants are members and all our members are tenants entitled to vote at our AGM and stand for membership of the management committee.

If any tenant member is interested in being co-opted onto the Committee then please speak to Ceara Robertson by telephone on 0141 336 2138. See our downloads section for details of the key skills needed to serve your community on our Committee.

Community Involvement

Tenant control and involvement are the foundation stones of our Co-operative.   The Co-operative’s Community Engagement Strategy is available in our download section.  The strategy explains how we will ensure tenants are able to shape the services they receive.

Can We Hear Your Voice?

This is your Co-operative and it is essential that you make your voice heard about the services we deliver or changes we may be planning to policies or services.

We try to provide a full range of options to hear our member's voices to make it easy for tenant members to influence what we do.

Customer Feedback

We believe that it is essential that we use feedback from customers about their experience and perception of their contact with the Co-operative is essential.  

We capture two types of feedback:

Voluntary Feedback

Both positive (comments and compliments) and negative (complaints).  We aim to record, share and learn from all of this feedback.

Prompted Feedback

We believe that feedback is so important that we will not rely on voluntary feedback alone.  This is because we could miss the views, experience and perceptions of customers who are less willing or less able to share their opinions.  We record this trough an annual customer satisfaction survey and by holding four "Customer Feedback Days" each year.

We submit a comprehensive customer feedback report to Committee four times per year.