Our Annual Report

Our Annual Report - 2016/2017


Our Finances 2016/17

Rents Receivable                       £1,201,252    
Wider Role £192,381
Interest Receivable  £9,082
Total  £1,402,715


Management & Maintenance Administration Costs £432,349
Reactive Maintenance Costs £79,257
Planned & Cyclical Maintenance Costs £193,895
Wider Role £225,046
Major Repairs £402,967
Bad Debts £5,676
Depreciation £301,017
Interest Payable £42,514
Corporation Tax £2,467
Total          £1,685,188       


Our Homes, Our Rents and Value For Money

We provide 316 homes for families in PossilPark.  These houses generated rental income of £1,276,556 during the financial year.  We increased rent by an average of 5.3% on 1st April 2017.

Average Rent Charges compared to other landlords

Size Number of houses we have  Our average weekly rent  Scottish average weekly rent  % lower than Scottish average 
2 Apt     70 £68.45 £71.67 4.5
3 Apt 160 £71.60 £73.13 2.1
4 Apt 63 £78.63 £79.42 1
5 Apt 23 £86.69 £88.02 1.5

The amount of money we collected for rent was equal to 93.5% of total rent due.  This compares to the 98.4% we collected last year and the Scottish average of 99.6%.  

We took an average of 21.4 days to let a house.  This compares with 37.65 days last year and the Scottish Average of 31.5.  We did not collect 0.3% of rent due because of the time houses were empty.  The Scottish average was 0.9%.

Action Points

Arrears –have been increasing over the last five years.  This remains a priority issue for the Co-operative and we have put in place an arrears action plan and committee are closely monitoring the situation to reduce arrears.

Voids – performance has improved significantly, but we are worried about the impact of the new build.  We will be taking a number of steps, including employing a temporary member of staff to try to minimise the impact.


Repairs & Maintenance

Our maintenance service aims to deliver efficent and effective maintenace within the resources available and offer a good quality of service to all our customers.

Day to day & Empty House Repairs

The Co-operative carried out 1044 responsive repairs at a cost of £59,199. Last year we carried out 1187 repairs at a cost of £58,813

We carried out Emergency Repairs in an average of 2.9 hours.   The Scottish average was 4.7 hours. It took us an average of 2.9 days to carry out a non-emergency repair, the Scottish average was 7.1 days.

We completed 97.1% of day to day repairs right first time, compared to 96.2% last year.  The Scottish average was 92.4%.

 As a result of this, 84.7% of our tenants who received a repair were satisfied with the service they received.  The Scottish average was 90.6%.

Planned & Cyclical Maintenance

The Co-operative invested £596,892 in both planned and cyclical maintenance.

We secured grant funding of £9,962 to carry out 10 medical adaptations.

We carried out every annual gas safety inspection within the target timescales.

As a result of this investment all of our houses meet the Scottish Housing Quality Standard.  The Scottish Average is 93.6%.  73.6% of our tenants were satisfied with the standard of their home.  This compares with 73.8% last year.

Action point

We will continue our major investment in the older tenements.  We will install 20 new boilers, 24 full heating systems, 20new kitchens and 24 bathrooms in 2017/18.  We plan to have installed new kitchens, new bathrooms and new heating systems in every one of our renovated tenement flats by 2023.


Housing Management Service

Our housing management service aims to offer high levels of service to all our customers.  We use a range of measures to monitor our performance including setting targets, quality checks and taking account of customer feedback.

We manage 316 houses.  There is a healthy demand for houses in our area, though there is a lower demand for the older flats.  We processed all new applications for housing within an average time of 3 days and keep the waiting list up to date by regularly reviewing applications.

We let 18 empty houses, 3 to existing tenants, 9 to people on our direct waiting list and 6 referrals from Glasgow City Council.

How does our performance in 2016/17 compare with other similar landlords?

Category                                Hawthorn                        Scottish Average         
 Time to re-let empty houses      21.4 days  31.5 days
 Rent loss (% of rent due)  0.3% 0.9% 


Action Point

We will continue preparations to ensure that we are organised to deal with the additional voids and workload that will arise from the new houses being built at Ashfield Street.


Your view of us and our services

Customer Satisfaction

We employ an independent market research company to continuously monitor customer satisfaction.  The company surveyed 126 customers in September 2016 and the table below shows our customer levels of satisfaction compared to the Scottish average:

Question   Our Average %    Average for all Scottish Landlords %  
 Last year This Year
1. Tenants satisfied with overall service provided by landlord 97.5 92.06 89.7

2. Tenants who feel their landlord is good at keeping them informed about their

services and decisions 

 98.75 96.83 91.1

3. Tenants satisfied with the opportunities given to them to participate in their

landlord's decision making processes 

 95 90.48 83.8
4. Tenants satisfied with the standard of their home on moving in  92.88 77.78 90.6
5. Tenants satisfied with the quality of their home   73.75 73.6  
6. Tenants satisfied with the management of the neighbour hood they live in   86.25 91.72  
7. Tenants who feel that the rent for their property represents good value for money  78.75 75.4  


Customer Complaints 2016/17

We are committed to providing high quality customer service.  We value complaints and use information from them to help us improve our services.  If something goes wrong or you are dissatisfied with our services, please tell us.  In 2016/17 we dealt with a total of 8 complaints.  All but one was resolved within the timescales set out in our Complaints policy.


Action Point

We will continue to hold four 'customer feedback' days alongside a two-yearly survey of customer satisfaction.  Committee will receive a comprehensive customer feedback report every quarter.  We will also continue to try and recruit tenants to carry out independent scrutiny.  We recognise the importance of complaints and the need to accurately record the complaints we receive.  Each month staff discuss complaints to ensure we are recording all the complaints we receive and to lear lessons from them.